Saturday, February 10, 2007

The good, the bad and the misguided

I am not exactly a bastion of any moral sentiment, I have my flaws; sometimes more so than the next person. Yet you swoon over me hoping your enthusiasm would rub off me like cheap perfume on a hooker. Well, it doesn't. I'm not too fond (at least not overly) of myself and I certainly don't think I was sent from up above in a patent packaging marked "special". So then what is your fascination with my skin? Or my ethnicity? What is it about me that makes you wanna make me the boss of my own teacher?

Point in question being, my teacher from back when I interned at the organization I'm currently working in. More to the point; during my final year of university, I decided to come down here and intern for a while with the same people I'm working with now. At the time, I didn't know much about putting to practise what I'd been taught over the years, as is common in my profession. My boss at the time taught me a lot of what I know today. (Can you guess where I'm going with this?) So little Mr. Lost went back to the US of A, graduated, spent a little over a year cruising around God's wonderful earth. For fun, yes. But more to get a perspective. And perspective I got. So now I'm back, admittedly less lost than I was back then! And the administration decided I'm more qualified (not on paper, but by heritage. On second thought, it must be my papers - travel documents aka the passport) to be the boss of the man who once taught me the ABC's of how to do what it is that I do. Mind you, that man is far more qualified than me, both on paper and by experience. Also, has excellent work ethic, not to mention has the proper leadership qualities the job requires. Bear in mind, I've been a little out of touch with everything because a year long break is almost as good as not having been to school. And I HAVE forgotten quite a bit although I've been studying to get back in touch. Still, that only proves the point in my title.

So you see, dear friends, there are the good people and then there are the baddies. Downright racist and bigotted. And then there are those who're misguided, not so much because they think like the baddies but their heads move in constant agreement out of fright. A certain brown population that this country is full of falling into the last category. And those higher ups from my work place falling into the second. Sadly they are my people (or at least belong to a full fifty percent of me). I'm not sure if the first category has been so badly sandwitched between the two that you can't make them out but I'm inclined to believe they sure do exist.

Well, I'm not going to take you up on any of that. So quit playing God!

E - N&D

I admire people who can use terms like "avoirdupois" in a sentence while conversing. Too funny!


Hot Lemon& Honey said...

First, I am happy to see me in your blogroll. After reading your second post you maybe in mine too (if you plan to update regularly) :)

What an interesting post. I have always wondered about how people felt when they are given that kind of choice.

I know a guy who graduated from our university, who didn't even finish his intern and got offered a really irresistable job somewhere. What clearly qualified him is his families name and his new wifes daddy's name. He took the offer, often claiming that it was forced up him.
Ofcourse us ladies talked about this issue forever. "He did not persue such a big title, but he didn't decline it either."
He knows well that his experience would not take him anywhere in that job. Still, he took it. My friends and i debated if we would have turned such an offer down, under the moral stance of "not right". I was unsure. But the majority said they would have. Why? "if we didn't, they would give it to someone else" "its time nationals take positions where they are decision makers rather than live under the threat of a non nationals self indulging agenda's"
"An Emarati would want the good for his country" "Its time"
Etc etc.
I can see the points they are making. They are valid. If that job was already offered to someone with no experience and almost no qualification, then people know that once you refuse it, the fate of that ex box will remain the same. They will find another you another less qualified person who is "local".

Now your case might be different. You only know.
I would be interested to find out if you accepted :)
It is tough to be the boss of the very person who taught you (that soon) but this is life.

Emarati Nickel & Dime said...

Like I already mentioned, I KNOW my boss deserves the job and is far more qualified than I could be in the next, say 7 years. And knowing that, I wouldn't take up a spot that rightfully belongs to another regardless of the fact it's my country and not his. I couldn't do that to another human being, it just ain't me.

That money I'd make if I did take it up would come to me by one way or another. I'll get whatever God's written for me and I don't have to step on another's toes to get it.

Now if this man was totally unfit for the job and didn't do it properly even if he was fit, well, then that's another story.

I would be interested to find out if you accepted

Well, I'm not going to take you up (as in my administration) on any of that. :)

I do plan to update regularly. In any case, if I don't; you can take me off, totally guilt-free. Know that. :)

Emarati Nickel & Dime said...

I forgot to mention how sensitive my job is, hot lemon & honey. If I take over now (considering my non-existant experience in the field) things could go horribly wrong; not just for me but for some other people too.

So to the administration that has no brains: thank you very much but you may find another who's gullible enough to eat up your "interesting offer" while you justify lie after lie in the name of "emiratization". I don't wish to take that huge a responsibility on my shoulders.

Platinum Nax said...
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Platinum Nax said...

Hey man. I see where you're coming from with this post. Hell, I see it all the time at my workplace. Non-qualified Emiratis taking up high positions. Mad props to you for not taking the position.

And before I forget, thanks for the words of support on the Single-In-Dubai blog. It wasn't me that called the authenticity of the bag, but hey, thanks for the compliment bro ;)

I just think it's wrong, like you say, for someone to take a position of importance when there is someone far more qualified for the job, and that the only reason they can't have it is because of their nationality. In your case, it even looks like a black-and-white situation. Your administration doesn't seem to know what they're doing man. *shakes head* All too common in this part of the world, sorry to say.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Emarati, I have total admiration for your stance!
I wish that other person and my friends felt the same with regards to that position that guy got for his name and his families status.
I do believe in Emiratization. It should happen but with the right people at the right job. In many sectors I find some locals who make decisions that are about protecting their seats, because they are constantly feeling insecure about the new comers who are way more qualified. And it bothers me. Cause thier action usually in their own interest, not the organization, not the country.
Anyways. I am sure God will open more doors.
I will add you to my blogroll.
Looking forward to more posts ;)

Ash said...

Respect, bro! We could do with more people like you over at my work place, where sadly all patient care is lost somewhere between the stroking of egos and the blowing of horns.

Thanks for linking me on your blog.

Zafar said...

Dear Emarati, I am an expat from Asia and I do believe that one day the people of this country will take over all the jobs and they should why not but the only problem is with the approach with which nationalization is being done.

You have the courage and serenity to accept what you are and you want to grow with the growth in your experience & knowledge, that is what the government should realize.

Please nationalize by all means but let the nationals work and earn the positions. Let them start work from entry level, gain knowledge and grow up the corporate ladder with that knowledge and experience.

I hope where ever you are or will be you will make sure that you will nationalize with this approach. This is not only beneficial for those indviduals but also for the organizations and the country as well.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

no update??//

Emarati Nickel & Dime said...

I've been bombarded with tons of e-mails from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike in response to this post. So I'm in the process of coming up with an essentially true Emarati comeback ;) Wait for it!

Zafar said...

Hope those emails are not forcing you to become an emirati who is different than appeared in this post.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Zafar what kind of a remark is this?
Emarati...curious to know the content of those emails.

Zafar said...

HL&H; It was a simple remark suggesting that he should remain what he is.

Which part of it did you not understand.

rosh said...

Oh this is an interesting post? Curious - all ears & eyes to read more thoughts from you : )

But more importantly, thank you for being honest - to this wonderful place and all those who care about it.

i*maginate said...

Emirati (Emarati comes from the word Emarat, Emirati is English - you chose the Arabic version for your nickname;) ) - whilst I must say that your blog bresence has incited me to look up much more than previously, I think what you're touching upon are quite basic issues, and thank God with your gift of *intellect*, you dig into the deeper underlying issues that hide behind one simple issue, in this case/post, Emiratisation.

The Labour Minister Al Kaabi (forgive me if my research is not detailled, but I only recall the essentials, and the wording and names are not exact) said, about 3 months ago, as printed in a full-page Gulf News article regarding the Emiratisation of HR professionals: "Studies show that if an HR Manager is from Kerala, the majority of the workforce in that company will come from Kerala"

OK. So you are Emirati. You want the workforce of your country, the decision-makers, to be from Kerala? That is my comment to the ideology in your post. I don't think there's any other argument that I could make as strong as this.

rosh said...

"Studies show that if an HR Manager is from Kerala, the majority of the workforce in that company will come from Kerala"

Unfortunately, for the most part this is true - and this kind of nepotism must be highly regulated perhaps even controlled via more in-depth yet transparent processes at the time of hiring an individual.

Here in the US, there is a detailed due process whilst hiring a foreigner. One of the steps to put forth, perhaps in the UAE could be - the nationality factor. Hire only certain number of nationals from a certain country? Anything over and above that, would require a more diligent and depth review/approval from the ministry of labour.

I am just thinking loud and throwing out ideas.

Lastly, whilst I completely agree citizens of any country must be given first – I beg to differ, automatic Emiritization is the solution.

localexpat said...

hmmm interesting post. Oh and welcome to blogosphere :-)